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Thought this was unneccesary...

But I guess I was wrong.  So I just wanted to let you know that I'm NOT posting spoilers on here that Stephenie hasn't given in public.  That includes in your comments.  I do appreciate that you are commenting, but if it's not DIRECTLY related to the topic I posted or it's something that happens in the book, I'm not unscreening it, just deleting.  Sorry guys, but I have some great friends who have not finished the book yet, and some others who won't even GET the book until tomorrow because they live in the UK.  And not to sound rude, but I kind of am, so I should tell you that  this site is a reference, not a forum.  I WANT you to have those discussions.  However, this isn't the place for it. 
Hope you're enjoying/ have enjoyed your read of Breaking Dawn.  Stephenie was just lovely when I met her for 1.3 seconds at the Nokia.




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