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Breaking Dawn Inspiration

In Berlin, Stephenie recently noted that two works inspired Breaking Dawn, rather than just A Midsummer's Night's Dream, as we had expected previously.
Do you think that this work is likely another romance? Or is it something fantasy? Do you think that it will give us clues about the wedding and Bella's change, the werewolves, renegotiating the treaty, the Volturi... or something else entirely?
The following are favorite authors, past and present, that Stephenie has mentioned in interviews.  Are any of them or their particular works likely in your mind?
Comment and let me know what you think!

Poll #1150893 Breaking Dawn Possibilities

Which authors' works do you think are the most likely to have inspired Breaking Dawn?

Alcott, Louisa May
Austen, Jane
Brooks, Terry
Card, Orson Scott
Hale, Shannon
Ibbotson, Eva
McCaffrey, Anne
McKinley, Robin
Montgomery, L.M.
Pratchett, Terry
Shakespeare, William
Other authors/ works.

And yes, I do realize that this is just inspiration, not plot for plot. However, I think it's easy to see Pride & Prejudice's influence on Twilight as well.  :)

Q+A in Hamburg, Germany

Stephenie reading in Hamburg
Even though you've read the story all over the internet already, I HIGHLY recommend watching the videos of Stephenie speak if you haven't yet.  Her inflection and attitude are both quite a bit different than they are at American readings.  It's pretty interesting! :)

Taken with permission & slight modifications from jj_jule.
The following ladies attended the reading and are absolutely fantastic - I had to do next to nothing to post these up here!!!
jj_jule  -  isabell16   -   laura_louisa

You can view all of their videos here on youtube.  THANK YOU LADIES!!!

In addition, Nathalie3003 had the videos of the readings themselves, where I heard the commentary introducing the readings of Rosalie & Jasper's tales.  Finally, you can also listen to a snippet on GermanJavaJunkie's YouTube channel as well.
WOW! This one is long and fantastic! I thought my arms were going to fall off transcribing it, but it was well worth the pain. This one talks a ton about  Stephenie's favorite books and authors and .... I just love it.  I also think it's a great one to listen to for Stephenie's character; it's obvious that she is much more comfortable talking in this setting than she is talking in front of thousands of fans.  Also has good information about The Host.

Listen to this podcast.
Watch the video.
Thank you once again, Ouisa, for the tip and the link!

Q+A in Coral Gables

Hey all - bad news on this one.  There are three videos uploaded by 666sex on YouTube, but that is all that is floating around online.  You can make out some questions, but the audio quality is VERY poor and they jump around quite a bit.  I'm going to keep listening and see how much more I can decipher, but here are two points that I haven't transcribed previously that were audible. 

"If there's ever a time that you kind of wonder which side of the argument I agree with, I usually take the Edward side."

"What does the wedding ring look like?  I did a bit of research on engagement rings; they didn't exist in the same form that we know them now back at the turn of the century.  It's a long oval with lots of little diamonds inside, it's called pave-set diamonds."

Video + Transcript - Alpharetta, Georgia

The future....
How many books will be in the series? Question 5
Will Breaking Dawn be released soon? Question 13

The past...
Bella's delusions in New Moon. Question 3
Why imprint on Clare?  Question 9
Do the newborns feel any guilt? Question 15

And more...
Would you prefer to be a werewolf or a vampire? Question 2
Advice for aspiring writers.  Question 19
Music that inspired the plot.  Question 21
How do you get through writer's block?  Question 22
Read it all yourself...Collapse )

Check out the videos I used by Beck0932, Hutu58, andtoromaga.  

Q+A in Burlington

This transcription cannot be finished with resources currently available.  Because I have received a couple of emails about this already, I have decided to post what we have available.  The lines of astericks are to denote where there was a break in the videos, so there is definitely information missing. Enjoy, but of course, if you have more that can be added, please let me know!  :)

Edward: boxers or briefs?  Question #3
Which character/s do you relate to the most?  Question #5
What would happen to vampires if there were no other living things in the world?  Question #6

The videos used for this transcription were uploaded by IsabellaMarieSwan and KristinaJean84 on YouTube.  Thanks, guys!! You ROCK!
Please note that this is only the second half or so of the Q+A session.  There is currently no video posted of the first fifteen minutes, and, of course, saying fifteen minutes is only an assumption as most of Stephenie's Q+A sessions have been 30 minutes.
These questions will be re-numbered if the rest of the interview is ever recovered.

How do vampires find mates? Question 7
What is your favorite chapter? Question 16
Are relationships based on fate or on choice for you?  Question 21

View it here.