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Q+A at Fairless Hills

Stephenie Meyer: We don't have much time to do questions, so I'd like to get started right away. Thank you guys so much for coming tonight; that is a really amazing welcome. I'm going to repeat to you a very brief q & a, I mean, a few facts for you guys because I've been getting some questions a lot, and so I answer them first we won't have to spend our time on them. And most of them you know the answers anyway. So first of all, Twilight the movie *crowd screams* OK, I don't have anything brand new for you; we're still in preproduction. The writer is working on the script right now, so I don't have any dates or anything like that, but it is moving forward, so that's good news. Number two: I'm not going to answer any questions about what might happen in the next book. Oh, come on! Come on! You didn't think I was going to! I'm not going to speculate, either, I don't care how off-the-wall it is. If you want to know what would happen if a vampire bit a mermaid, I still won't answer the question. Nothing like that. OK, next one. If you ask me which is my favorite character that is the same as asking me which is my favorite child and I can't choose, so sorry. And the last one: no, Jacob did not imprint on Bella. So that covers most of the repeat questions for you. All right, so we'll jump right into it and get some questions that you guys want to know the answers to.

Question 1:
How long have you been writing?

Stephenie Meyer:
I have been writing since June second of two-thousand and three, exactly. OK, in the blue.

Question 2:
What was the concert that Bella bought Alice and Edward tickets to?

Stephenie Meyer:
Muse. *crowd screams, Stephenie shrugs* OK, pink wristband.

Question 3:
You rock!

Stephenie Meyer:
Thanks. OK, over here.

Question 4:
What happens to Edward when Bella has her period?

Stephenie Meyer:
I should just include that one in the facts. OK, go online, There's like 76 pages of discussion on that, I don't want to get into it here. OK, Laura.

Question 5:
How did the Volturi travel, because it seems like Jane would eat her way through an airliner. How would they get around?

Stephenie Meyer:
The Volturi can be extremely civilized, now they have their own jet, of course, and they are quite able to use public transportation if there was ever a need. They are all able to control themselves. Jane, you know, just really doesn't like Bella, so that makes it tougher for her. OK, in the front row.

Question 6:
What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Stephenie Meyer:
Advice for aspiring authors, which I'm assuming there are many of here because I find that a lot of people get really excited about writing. First of all, go for it. It's a fantastic career. If you can get into it, there is nothing better than getting paid for something you would do anyway. Secondly, while you're writing, do not worry about who's going to sign you up, which publisher you want, what your audience is. Write for yourself; that's the best kind of writing. Entertain you, and then when you're all done, go to Writer's Market online, find the agent that fits your genre, and get started. But first concentrate on the book, finish it, and then worry about the rest. OK, the boy in the black shirt.

Question 7:
Why is Billy Black in a wheelchair?

Stephenie Meyer:
OK, Billy Black in a wheelchair. Diabetes. *crowd awwwww.* Sorry. Easy answer, though. OK, white jacket.

Question 8:
Why can't Edward hear what Bella is thinking?

Stephenie Meyer: 
Edward can't hear Bella because that's the way she was born. Why can Edward hear what everyone else is thinking, because that's how he was born, and why Alice can see the future, it's just sort of who she is. There is a little bit genetic to that, but we won't get into that until Midnight Sun. OK, brown shirt.

Question 9:

Stephenie Meyer:
OK, I can't hear you, but if you're going to say something about Jacob dying, you might want to rephrase. Are you sure you want to ask that question? Maybe we should skip ahead. OK, right here.

Question 10:
What are your book covers' symbolic meanings?

Stephenie Meyer:
Some of the book covers have symbolic meanings for me, some of them do not. With the apple cover, that one for me is about the idea of a choice. If you really look at it, it's like you're being offered this apple or you just received it. Are you going to bite in? Are you going to become a part of that? Or what if the apple is poisoned? There's a lot of really good apple stories in mythology and Snow White and the Garden of Eden, there's all kinds and I like that idea. The ribbon for me is about the idea of you're trying to break away from your old life. And it's never a clean cut. There's always some of those threads that are so hard to break and for me that's Bella thinking that she can just walk away from her human life and it's really not that simple. So that's what that one's about for me. OK, let's see, in the black dress.

Question 11:
Do you have a cover for Midnight Sun yet?

Stephenie Meyer:
I do not have a cover for Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun is on chapter twelve. That's not get ahead of ourselves. OK, right there, yes.

Question 12:
Do you see any similarities to movie Underworld?

Stephenie Meyer:
You know, I am not a horror person, so I really can't, I don't know what the similarities would be to Underworld or Buffy or Anne Rice because I was never into that and now that I'm writing vampires, I don't read anything or watch anything about that. So I don't know if there are links or not. And I probably wouldn't watch it anyway because they're scary, isn't it? I don't do scary stuff. OK, in the white stuff, right over there.

Question 13:
How come Jasper and Bella have scars and no one else has any? Aren't they all made by venom and -----? I don't understand why...

Stephenie Meyer:
She's asking about Jasper's scars and Bella's scar and why no one else has any. It's not that they don't have any, it's that the scars on vampires' skin are really really hard to see if you're human. As a vampire, if you are a vampire looking at Jasper, the first thing you would notice about him is that he is covered in scars and you'd be afraid because you would look at him and think, "he's been in a fight with a thousand different vampires, and he's walked away from every one. Bella can't see the scars, but most of them, if they've ever gotten into a fight or something. The first scar that you get heals in that process if you become a vampire. So that's why he has so many, because they were post-vampirization. I made up that word, I bet it's used a lot now. OK, black dress and the red and green, yeah.

Question 14:
Have you ever read any fan fiction about Twilight?

Fan fiction. *crowd screams* I have. OK, this is the deal with fan fiction and me. When Twilight first came out I was actually on the phone, somebody wrote me a letter and said, "have you read the fan fiction about Twilight?" And I was like, "what's fan fiction? I've never heard of this strange thing." So I got online and started reading and I think there were thirty stories online at the time. I know that's changed a little bit. *laughter* And the reason that Midnight Sun exists is because of those thirty stories because when I read them I thought, "you know, people kind of understand Bella. They're getting her. They do not understand Edward at all," and I was a little offended because how could they not realize what he's going through? So I wrote the first chapter from Edward's perspective, just to say, "Look, this is how they're going to ------ people. It's not like, 'oh look. There's a cupcake. Maybe I want to eat it, maybe I don't.'" It's not like that. *crowd laughs* But then once I got started I just kept going. I don't read fan fiction any more because sometimes it's disturbing to me. Actually, there are a couple of stories that people have tipped me off to that aren't about the characters, they're about other people's reaction to the characters, there's one with Harry Potter that's adorable, and there's one with the people acting in the movie that is really, really funny too. So there are a couple that I still keep up with. OK, let's see... how about way on the side there, with like black and white and the dark black hair. You're going to have to shout.

Question 15:
What does the werewolves' fur color signify?

Stephenie: O
h, werewolves' fur color? It doesn't signify anything. It's just, it's kind of like you know how people all look different, well you have the features that are different, but with the wolves it just kind of comes out in their fur. OK, back here, back here.

Question 16:
Are you going to make any other books in the series after Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun?

The series at book four, and Midnight Sun kind of like book one point five. Book four will pretty much, it will be the last time Bella would narrate *crowd whines*, but if I wanted to go forward. The stories couldn't go on forever. If they did - no, no, no, if they did it would get old. Bella and Edward would have the same problems in every book and they overcame it and then faced the exact same thing again, it would get really old. There comes a time when the story needs to end. There are other stories with other characters. I might go there, I might not. There are some other things I'll do first, so it wouldn't be, like, right away, but I do have outlines for five and six. OK, in the black dress with the red lacey.

Question 17:
Are there other things in the world that have a vengeance against vampires, like the werewolves?

OK, well, that's kind of speculative, don't you think? That might foreshadow a future story, so I'm not going to answer that one. OK, blue and black stripes.

Question 18:
*this is not a direct transcription as it was difficult to hear* OK, how can the story about the Cullens be passed down for generations, is it, like written down somewhere? Because everyone seems to have a really good memory about what happened in the past.

The treaty is part of an oral tradition that has been passed down. So, no there's no written document, no. OK, up tall with the black wristband.

Question 19:
Did Jacob like stay a werewolf at the end of book three, because, like -

Again with the questions about what might happen in the next book. I'm not - nothing past the end of book three. Sorry. OK, black tank top.

Question 20:
In Twilight, when Bella is looking up vampires on the computer, were those real websites you had?

When Bella was doing her vampire research, that portion of the book summed up all of the vampire research I did in the writing of Twilight. I wanted to see what she would find. So that was, I don't know how legit those websites are, it was a real site online that no longer exists, and I just kind of went through and found the stuff that I thought was interesting that pertained to what I was working on. OK, with the Volturi.

Question 21:
What did you, when you first wrote the book, did you ever think there would be a male audience for the books?

When I first wrote the book I didn't think there was going to be any audience, let alone a male one. *crowd laughs* That was the question, sorry. I did not write any of this to show other people. I'm kind of shy; this kind of thing is sort of terrifying for me. I'm a little bit more used to it, but the idea of letting someone read a story was horrific to me. If it wasn't for my big sister kind of kicking my butt the whole way, I would have never tried to submit it. So I really wasn't thinking about the audience. In fact, I wasn't going to submit it as a YA novel because that hadn't crossed my mind. I wrote it for me and I was 29, and therefore, that would have been the audience I was thinking of. But then after it came out, it became predominantly female readers and felt kind of sad, because, you know, there's stuff in here for boys. And when boys start reading, they have cool questions. They got a different point of view in it, it's prone to be more pro-Jacob, I've found, and you know that's cool. *crowd screams and covers her comment* So I really appreciate having that other viewpoint. I've found that in Europe, they are a lot more even, which I think is kind of interesting. So I wasn't really thinking about audience, but I am so glad that you're here. OK, right here, in the black, yes.

Question 22:
In the first two books, there is kind of a Romeo & Juliet kind of thing, like for one ------- the other -------? --------- how Bella and Edward ----.

She wants to know the themes and the kinds of the books that I've tied the story into and the first two books aren't Romeo and Juliet. The second book is Romeo and Juliet. The first book is sort of very loosely my Pride and Prejudice. So each story has its own novel, and so book three was Wuthering Heights and book four will be A Midsummer Night's Dream. So each one has its own *crowd screams*. OK, right here.

Question 23:
Why does ....

OK, hold on! Hold on! I can't hear!

Question 24:
Why is Alice's story left open ---- Jacob and ----- With that being said, what characters do you have in mind to continue the narrative?

She wants to know - she'd like to see Alice's story, she wants to know which narrative I may go off with. With Alice, I feel like Midnight Sun is almost from her perspective as well because Edward spends so much time in her head. He sees her visions, they communicate quite a lot without speaking, and so I don't really feel a lack there. But, of course, I'm the one one working on it and so I know what's there. At this point in time I'm not really thinking about doing prequels. I've had that suggested to me and maybe someday. It's not on my list right now. The characters that I will tell the story from in the future, if I were to go there, I can't tell you who those characters would be. Someone that you haven't met. OK, in the black sparkley dress.

Question 25:
Where did your idea for Twilight come from?

Twilight started because of a dream I had on June second, two thousand three. And I wrote it down because I didn't want to forget it. it wasn't until I wrote it that I wanted to keep going, and it wasn't until I finished that I thought, "Hey! I wrote a whole book!" OK, straight in the way, way back, with the one hand up there. You're going to have to shout.

Question 26:
In Twilight is there .... you've got ...

No pressure, come on!

Question 26:
--- But since he's a vampire, wouldn't he not have blood?

She's ----- the different colors in skin. Vampires still have blood after they've fed recently because they kind of use it for their body and he had fed quite recently in that scene. He wanted to be prepared. OK, in the pink right there.

Question 27:
What are your favorite authors?

My favorite authors. I have a lot of them. I used to be - before I was a writer, I was a reader. I'd read three to four books a week. Now I can't do that as much, and so the writers I used to love, back when I had a lot of time for reading, my very favorites were Jane Austen, Orson Scott Card and Shakespeare. Those were my big ones. Since I've started writing I don't get to read as much but I recently. I love Shannon Hale's books, I can't wait to read her new one, I think it comes out next week. So good. It was a Book of a Thousand Days, I loved it. And I really liked Robin McKinley's Dragonhaven. That was so cool. It's the most realistic fantasy I've ever read. And so there's - I don't get to read a lot of things, but those are the ones that I've begun to love recently. OK, two more questions, right here, standing up top.

Question 28:
What was your favorite part out of all the books?

Wow. My favorite part out of all the books. I can't really pick one. The meadow scene obviously started it all, so that one will always be really important to me. The scene in Volterra, that scene came very, very freely to me, and that's some of my favorite writing in that scene; it came like a movie to me and I just wrote it down as that scene. I like that a lot. And then the chapter "Fire and Ice" in Eclipse, that's another one of my favorites. *crowd screams and covers speaking* OK, last question.

Question 29:

Victoria chose Bella as her target for a very good reason. Now, if someone had killed her, you know, it was all over. If someone killed the person she loved, then she had to suffer after that. So she feels that's worse than just not being, that's worse than being in horrible pain, so how should he hurt Edward best? If she kills him, it's over. If she kills the one thing that she loves, then she's even. She's kind of a coward and it's a lot easier to kill Bella than it is to kill Edward. *crowd laughs; can't hear next sentence* OK, I can't do any more questions because we'll be here all night. I've got a lot of books right now, so you'll see me when you get up here. Thank you so much. *crowd cheers; Stephenie leaves stage*

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