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Video + Transcript - Alpharetta, Georgia

The future....
How many books will be in the series? Question 5
Will Breaking Dawn be released soon? Question 13

The past...
Bella's delusions in New Moon. Question 3
Why imprint on Clare?  Question 9
Do the newborns feel any guilt? Question 15

And more...
Would you prefer to be a werewolf or a vampire? Question 2
Advice for aspiring writers.  Question 19
Music that inspired the plot.  Question 21
How do you get through writer's block?  Question 22

..... Part right here.  So before I start with the questions I'm going to give you a, yeah hi!  Um, so before I start with the questions I'm going to give you a couple of ones that I get every night, pretty much, so that we can get through those.  Number one, and most importantly, and please listen, because somehow no one hears this one: I am not going to answer any questions about what might happen in book four.  *crowd groans* And this means even really wild speculations, like 'what if a vampire bit a werewolf or a mermaid, or the abominable snowman?' Nothing!  I don't care how out there it is, I'm not gonna answer it.  OK, number two: Jacob has not imprinted on anyone. *crowd screams*  Number three, no, I know, he's still available.  Yaaay!  OK, number three: the movie is still in the option phase.  That is going forward, but I don't have any new news about that. All right.  And then last: I can't tell you who my favorite character is any more than I can tell you who my favorite child is.  So we'll just skip that one, too.  OK, now let's get to your questions, so hopefully I - hopefully I know the answer!  I will tell you I'm a little sleep deprived, and so I might not know it!  OK, in the orange right here.  Yes, you.

Question 1:  Can Leah Clearwater imprint since she's a girl?

Stephenie: OK.  Remember number one? About how things that might happen in the future I'm not gonna answer questions about?  OK, that counts.  OK, with the video camera, yes. 

Question 2:  What would you rather pick, werewolf or vampire? 

Stephenie: Well, it depends on in what sense you mean.  If you mean I'd rather be a vampire or a werewolf? I got that one last night, and after thinking about it a little bit, I'm not into permanence. I would never get a tattoo because at some point in time I'm going to regret it, probably two hours later. So a vampire is a very permanent thing, but a werewolf there's sort of a way back from it, so I'd have to go with a werewolf.  *screams from the crowd*  Do you have one? No. Other questions. Let's go in the back with a black shirt.
You're going to have to shout, so everyone quiet.

Question 3: When Bella was like jumping off a cliff and when she can hear Edward, was she, was like, Edward communicating with her or was that just her imagination?

Crowd: No!

   She's asking about Bella's hallucinations, which were entirely hallucination.   The way you know that sure is that if Edward would have known that Victoria was after Bella, that would have really shortened the book up. He would have come back a lot sooner.  We wouldn't have had any of that mess in Italy, and where is fun of meeting the Volturi out?  *crowd screams* OK, red shirt long sleeves.  Right there.

Question 4: Did you name Bella after Bella Lugosi?

Stephenie:  I did not name Bella after Bella Lugosi, I named Bella after the daughter I did not have.  *Stephenie laughs*

Crowd: Awwww!

Stephenie:  Yeah, I know.  All those boys.  OK, way in the back.  Brown shirt.

Question 5:
Stephenie:  How many books are going to be in the series, that's a good question.  I'm working on number four right now, as soon as I'm done with that I will immediately move on to Midnight Sun. You guys don't need to worry about that one.  I know I've heard some speculation online because it's not under contract.  The only reason it's not under contract is because I'm already pushing the envelope with my deadline and I just don't want to get into trouble again.  But it will be published.  So after I do that one, we'll see. I've got two other things want to work on before I look to continue the story.  Bella won't narrate after book four again, so it would be kind of different characters telling the story at that point if I were to get into that.  OK, black sleeves right there.  OK she, shhh! I can't hear her! Louder.

Question 6:
Stephenie:  I believe #4 was that I would not choose between my characters for you, sorry.  OK, Lindsay, right there. Mmhmm.

Question 7: How long did it take you to write Twilight?

Stephenie:  Um Twilight took me three months to write, I started in June and finished in August of 2003.  OK, yes, in the plaid dress.

Question 8: How do you pronounce Carlisle?

Stephenie:  It's Car-lile.  I'm surprised by how much confusion that one caused!  Just to answer another question, also Ez-may and Quill-yoot.  So hopefully that helps. OK. Shhhh!  We can't do too many questions if you guys are really loud, so sh!  OK, right here, in the blue shirt.

Question 9:  What is the significance of the imprinting on the two year old? Of it being a two year old, that's what I was wondering. 

Stephenie:  That is, that was something that, she's asking about Quil imprinting on Claire.  That was something that just was an entertaining part of the story for me not so much significant, it was a good way to illustrate how senseless imprinting is.  That it's not about seeing a girl that you're into, it's just beyond your control.  So, that's, and it was a fun part of the story, it's a fun way to imagine how the process works.  OK, very front row.

Question 10: 
Stephenie:  He's asking why Alice can't see werewolves but Edward can read their minds.  And I can't answer that.  *crowd groans* OK, next please.  Black hat, yes.

Question 11: OK, in book three Alice has her Porsche and she's sad when Bella comes back from seeing Jacob  because she says that Edward is going to take the Porsche away.  Was she just saying that because she wanted to make Bella feel guilty, or was she saying that because Edward was unsure?

Stephenie:  No, Edward was never going to take the Porsche away, Alice was just making Bella feel bad.  You know, how would you feel if you were this mind reader, you were always right, and this human is able to sneak out from right under your nose? You know, she felt bad about that.  Right here.

Question 12:  There's been some speculation on the internet..... about Edward being an abusive boyfriend..... ?

Stephenie:  Yeah, yeah, OK.  There's a lot of stuff online that has, honestly, broken my heart recently.  It is difficult to read things that take such a negative spin on something that is very personal and also makes a lot of sense inside your head.  I think it's, I have a hard time with that one because to me you have this kid, sure, he's a hundred and something, but at the same time he's also seventeen and it's the first time he's been in love.  And he fully recognizes that he does things wrong, he's very aware of that.  Edward at the beginning of Eclipse goes too far one direction. In the middle he's like, I'm screwing this up, I'm doing this wrong, I'm not being fair.  He goes too far in the other direction.  He never quite finds the balance because he's so black or white about everything.  But he has only the best of intentions pretty much at all times, and to think of him as either mean or controlling or having any kind of neg- wanting to impact Bella's life in a negative way is really not how his character is.  On the other hand I get the same thing about Jacob, where he's too pushy and he's too physical and he's causing all these problems.  And I don't think people realize quite the layer, the level of desperation that he's at. He's not desperate to make Bella fall in love with him, I mean, that would be an excellent perk.   He is desperate to save her life, and if you saw your best friend teetering on the edge of the fifth story of the building, playing with the balcony, you would reach up and yank their arm, even if it would hurt them, because you were trying to save them.  And Jacob really is kind of past rationality at that point.  So I think that people sometimes will go out looking for the negative when really if they gave them the right intentions, I think they are understanding characters better.  But it is hard to read.  OK, turquoise stripes right there.

Question 13:  I heard that maybe .... for your sister and that was maybe coming out in a year or something?

Stephenie:  Man, these internet rumors KILL me!  Where do they get this stuff?  OK, there was originally a different sequel to Twilight. It was called Forever Dawn and yes, I finished it, gave it to my sister.  The reason it won't ever be published is because it skipped ahead too fast and went right back, and it skipped right through Bella's senior year you know.  I wanted to go back and be able to tell the story in a little bit more detail, and then it's really not that good, which is why it will not ever be released.  But all the good stuff will be in book four.  So you're not going to miss anything by it not coming out.  I promise.  OK, right there in the black.

Question 14: 
Stephenie:  Did I go to any of the places mentioned in the book. I have.  After I finished Twilight I went to Forks for the first time, and that was really cool, and then this last May I had a chance to go to Volterra for the first time.  And it is, no, it is so much the way I imagined it that it was just creepy and we're walking, I mean the streets are narrow, and the stones, and we were walking on the outskirts of the town and you look down through the grating, you could see three stories down it's like catacombs underneath the street. It was so cool, I mean it was the kind of place you really have a hard time believing vampires don't exist, even if you do. OK, stripes, red and black on your sleeves, right back there.  Shout really loud.

Question 15: In Eclipse, are the newborn vampires feel any guilt about killing humans?

Stephenie:  Only got part of that, again.

Question 15:  In Eclipse, do the newborn vampires feel any guilt about killing humans?

Stephenie:  No, the newborn vampires, you've got to understand, are not super rational.  They're not thinking about 'is what I'm doing right or wrong?' They're thinking, 'I'm so thirsty! Woooo, he smells good!'  You know, that kind of thing.  Plus, you know, they're, I hope to eventually go back and write a little bit about the newborns and what was really going on, because there's actually an intricate story there that I didn't have time to get into. Riley really had his hands full, but he had talked it up to these kids so they felt like they were more than humans.  They had passed that level, and so they kind of had the Volturi mindset.  You know, humans are lesser, animal, food.  They're something else, something above.  So they weren't really having those kind of qualms.  OK, way in the back with the headband.  You're going to have to shout too.

Question 16: OK, I was wondering instead of normal vampires who can't go in the sun or whatever .... How did you come up with the fact that they like the ---------?

Stephenie:  When I was working on the Twilight mythology, so I'm just thinking at that point in time that I'm not writing a book for anyone else, just writing this story for me, and I was trying to make things make sense.  Why would they explode into cinders in the sunlight?  It just made sense to me that there would be a reason for staying out of the sun, maybe not something that drastic, and then I want to write about pretty things, you might have noticed that.  I really like the idea of, Edward in particular because he's so conflicted, being something so beautiful  in the sun and he can't see that.  He only sees that he's so obviously a monster.  But to Bella, she can see how angelic he even is.  It was just a fun way to go. I didn't know the rules to not follow them, but I didn't feel any compunctions to keep up with the genre because I was just doing it for me. OK, right here.

Question 17:  What would you say would be your favorite quote?

Stephenie:  My favorite quote?  Oh, gosh! Well, it kind of depends.  I guess for Eclipse the one that ... in general?  I... that's.... those are really long books, you know?  The one that makes me... Oh, not in the books!  I used to read, like, four books a week before I started writing.   I couldn't just pull a quote.  I'd have to think about that one.  I know a lot of the things that Orson Scott Card says I find really profound, but I couldn't get one just off the top of my head.  OK, yes. 

Question 18: Um, what yesterday was Bella's birthday.  What did you do to celebrate Bella's birthday?

Stephenie:  Oh, let's see to celebrate - are we OK over there?  All right.  To celebrate Bella's birthday I spent a long time in an airport and on a plane and then I did an event in DC and then I got on, went to sleep as fast as I could so I could get up to get on a plane to come here this morning.  So it was quite the party!  *crowd screams*  It was cute, though, they had a birthday party for her last night with hats.  They did sing to her.  And then they also had a party in Forks, Washington, so that was cool, too.  OK, with the bracelet, yes.  Yeah, black shirt. 

Question 19:  I'm a teacher, and I wonder what kind of student you were and what advice you have for an aspiring writer.

Stephenie:  OK, two questions.  What kind of student I was.   Um, I was a huge geek.  *crowd laughs, screams*  I was really, really quiet, but I was close enough to my English teacher that he came to my wedding.  *crowd: awww!*  And, uh, cause we knew each other pretty well by that point, and I, you know, I got my scholarship. I did pretty well. I was a good student.  I tried hard.  But I wasn't doing any writing at that time, I didn't do any creative writing because that was scary.  I didn't - letting people know what you're thinking - what if they think you're crazy or sick or something?  You know?  So that would seem like a big leap for me.  But what I would tell writers, my first piece of advice, so many people come to me and say, 'How do I get published, how do I find an agent, what should I be doing?' And it turns out they have an idea for a story they haven't even started to write down.  Write the book first. Don't worry about anything else.  Write a story for you, not for your friends or your parents or an audience that you might imagine, or what you think might be the next Harry Potter.  Write a story that's your favorite story to read.  Then when you're all done and very happy with it, then go on the internet and look for the agent or the publisher.  But that's not the fun part, the fun part is the writing, so that's what you concentrate on.  OK, with the white shirt, right there, yes.  Yes you.

Question 20: 
When is Alice's birthday?

Stephenie:  Alice's birthday.  I have no idea.  I'd have to go look in my files, sorry.  I didn't bring my computer with me.  For good reason.  OK, yes, black t-shirt.

Question 21:  Um, what was the best Muse song or the one that inspired you most for the plot?

Stephenie:  My song that I think most effected the story would be "Hysteria" by Muse.  That - you're not gonna - some of you are not going to like this part, but I, it worked out really well for me.  I knew that Jacob and Bella were going to have to work things out. Bella was going to have to come to a better understanding of herself.  But without "Hysteria" I don't think the kiss scene would have been quite the same because it choreographed itself in my head for that song.   
Question 21:  What about My Chemical Romance, were there any of their songs that...
Stephenie:  You know, I love My Chemical Romance, but I wasn't listening *crowd screams*... They weren't on my playlist as I was writing Eclipse, but afterwards, I heard a lot of songs that reminded me of it, so that's how it ended up on the Eclipse playlist.  OK, green shirt. 

Question 22:  How do you get through writer's block?

Stephenie:  OK, how to get through writer's block.  I think everybody works a little bit differently.  My problems are not, like ideas for the story, my problems are kinda getting through transitions and descriptions and things that just don't excite me, so what I found that works was to have a good outline and kind of skip around.  With New Moon I wrote the scene with the Volturi first, well, the clock tower first, then I did the break up, then I danced forward and did the motorcycles, I just kind of did the scene I was most excited about, and it's really motivating because by the time you get to something you don't want to write you have like 300 pages, and all you have to do is kind of string one little piece together and all of a sudden a big section is done and it really makes it feel like you're getting somewhere.  OK, with the book in your hands in the red shirt.  Shout. 

Question 23:  Do you have any Stephenie time, to yourself?

Stephenie:  Stephenie time! Oh, gosh, I wouldn't even know what that was!  No, I have work and I have being a mom.  And so if I'm not doing one I'm doing the other.  All right, green shirt, right in the middle.  OK, shhhhh! Start again.

Question 24:   Why is Jacob the only ---------?

Stephenie:  OK, I'm sorry, I still couldn't hear her.  Could you shout it?

Question 25:   Why is Jacob so full himself in the third book?

Stephenie:  Jacob fools himself in the third book.  Like I was saying before, Jacob is a desperate man in book three and so he is throwing all caution to the wind and doing anything and everything that he thinks might help Bella come to her senses, anything he can to save her life.  So that puts him really out there and he's taken a lot of really bold risks, but it's not that he's full of himself, it's just that he's very nervous.  OK, I can do two more questions and hopefully if we can keep it down we'll be able to do good answers.  OK, with the ribbon around your neck and the curly hair.  And the - yes, you.

Question 26:   OK, why did you choose vampires and werewolves to write about?

Stephenie:  I did not choose them, they chose me.  *Stephenie laughs.* I had a dream about vampires, which I don't think about, and I don't read about, and I don't watch movies about, but it was really interesting and I wrote it down.  So I never would have thought of writing a vampire book.  That - no - that would be very, very out of character.  OK, I'm going to do one back here. Right here.  I'm going to do this one in the red tank. 

Question 27:   How did you come up with the vampires, like, old time vampires would be like coffins and only come out at night, so ...... ?

Stephenie:   She wants to know how I came up with my vampires, and because I didn't read all those old stories, I still have never read Bram Stoker's Dracula, I will someday when I get done writing this, I didn't have all the rules to work with, and then I don't really like horror novels, so I wrote more from my roots, which is like superheroes.  Which is more my thing.  So that's - I just kind of made it up as I went along.  It's a lot more fun that sort of following other people's rules, so sure.  OK, I'm going to sign some books now, and so *crowd screams* thank you all very much for all your questions!  Thank you!

Check out the videos I used by Beck0932, Hutu58, andtoromaga.  



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